What’s All the Fuss About the vivo V15?

The vivo V15 is an interesting smartphone. It seems to have been inspired by the iPhone in many ways. Even though the device doesn’t have as many features as the iPhone, it still has all the necessary features that any smartphone should have. However, does it deliver on its promises? Let’s find out.

The biggest difference between the vivo v15 and the old Nokia 8.1 smartphone is its appearance. The new handset comes in two different colours – black and grey. This is an attractive change from the traditional monochrome handsets which tended to look boring. The two colours work well together to make the handset look compact and stylish. The other difference lies in the software package and the way it looks.

The camera on the vivo v15 is not something vivo v15 that can compete with the iPhone’s camera. The reason being is that this smartphone does not support any kind of professional photography or video recording. If you are looking for a camera with a lot of features, then you will probably be satisfied with the iPhone’s. However, if you are looking for a camera which can help you take quality pictures in normal light, then the solution is the vivo v15.

The major highlight of the in-display fingerprint sensor of the vivo v15 lies in the hardware where it has been incorporated using technology called capacitive technology. This means that the sensor does not detect any conductive object when it is touched. Only when the finger of the user is made to rest on the surface of the device, the sensor starts functioning. One of the unique selling points of this smartphone is its slim design. Since it has a nearly flat display, it helps the phone get into a position where it does not weigh too much. This is unlike many smartphones which tend to be very heavy and cumbersome.

The camera of the vivo v15 has been enhanced with the use of patented Nokia imaging software which allows you to change the type of image that you want. This facilitates you to take as many selfies as possible. The images can be instantly uploaded on to social networking platforms such as Facebook and the like. Nokia also claims that the snaps made by the HTC Wildfire with this improved camera is better than those taken with the iPhone 6s and the LG G Flex.

However, the biggest advantage that you can get from the handset lies in its battery life. You can expect about two hours of talk time on a single charge of the vivo v15. This is pretty much what you can get from most handsets in the market. On the contrary, the iPhone 6s could manage to boast of about six to eight hours of talk time on one charge. This makes the vivo v15 the only smartphone currently available which offers you an extended battery life.